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Meet The Teachers


Fany is the Mother Tree of the Tribe. She has Bulgarian roots and heart full of Passion!

Certified educator, holistic therapist, massage, sound and intuitive healer using her medicine, shamanic practices and energy work, space holder and listener. Fany has found that free movement it is not just a way of self-expression, it is not just story telling, it has transformed her world and become way of life. As a therapist she love to share her passion and support others into their personal growth! This practice has developed sense of non limitations! Allow yourself to open your heart, bringing colour, taste and juiciness into your being! Thank you for trusting and we can dance this journey together ❤️

Love and Dance

Liz Hill

Liz is the butterfly of the Tribe. Dancing like the Free Wind and Loving like the Earth!

She is the founder of Sun Drum certified for forest school leader and educator, has a passion for dance, somatic movement, music, drums and percussion, a sound and energy healer. You could be mesmerised by her beauty and voice in most of our music videos.

Love and Move